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What does strategy mean?

art of war; 

art of planning; (strategically) 

approach: set up a strategy

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What is a digital networking go to market strategy?

Most companies have a clear strategy for the business.

If you start from the company's existing strategy and ask yourself how well the strategy works digitally, it becomes interesting.

If we define a digital strategy as an approach to maximize business benefits given the opportunities that digitalization and the network brings.

Digitalization in society is pervasive and transformative.

So it's not just about data and technology-focused initiatives.

All parts are affected in one way or another by the fact that communication, storage, business, service and delivery take place digitally. People, data, processes and machines.

A good digital strategy is necessary for the business' digital transformation. With the strategy, a strategic road map can be created that shows where the company is today, which direction you are traveling and how you get where you want to go. And what solutions or tools are needed for that.

For many, there may be similarities with the situation in the world at the end of the 15th century. The established truth was that the earth was flat. It was obvious when looking at the ground and towards the horizon that the earth's surface was flat.

Or did the earth just look flat?

How do you act as a sea captain if the earth is flat?

You do not sail out to the edge, because then the ship can fall over the edge.

However, there were scientists and others who started close to another worldview.

Some were imprisoned for their dissenting views. Others set out with their ship to discover new parts of the world. You know the rest of the story.

When we work, we like to see ourselves as brave sea captains who explore and look at the digital world as if anything is possible.

There are many good examples of that approach paying off. Apple, Amazon, Uber, etc. to name a few companies that have benefited from digital transformation.

Explore your digital strategy

The LinkedIn network is actually a forgotten but an important asset and a powerful part of getting access to a new market when done correctly.

There are several pieces of the puzzle that need to be put in place for your Go to market strategy to work in practice.

Engage customers, empower your employees, transform your products and optimize your everyday business.

Together, our team has the skills to handle all parts and put them together into an excellent customer experience.

You can trust that we think of the whole and arrange all the details. The effects become clear and your business grows.

LinkedIn nätverket

Examine your growth potential

Find out how you can think about the future. Make the right choice despite uncertainty and continued rapid change.

Digital Scorecard provides a neutral measure of how far you have come in digitization. You discover the potential for your digital growth.

It is good when you want to gain insights on how digital strategies can use technology.

The advantage is that you become stronger when you can benefit from the changes in a positive way.