Use the LinkedIn network strategically

We show how the network turns into business on LinkedIn

This is how we help our customers 

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Are you also interested in growing with the right customers - Discover the secret!

Reach the target audience in the world's largest business network 

- Search, find and connect with the right person

- Attract and search for the right candidates in the network

Are you ready to rethink? 

Discover more possibilities

The network is powerful when used the right way.

There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be put in the right place. Done right the customer to gains confidence, becomes motivated and buys digitally.

Together, our team has the skills to handle all pieces and put them together into an excellent customer experience.

We help you become visible, searchable and buyable so you get through the noise and get more leads, candidates and business.

You can trust that we think of the whole and arrange all the details. The effects become clear and your business grows.

Welcome to a new world of possibilities / Olle Leckne


We help you find the right possibilities and strategies

Infinite professional development

Olle has an ability to de-dramatize LinkedIn and highlight what it really is and above all can provide - an endless professional development through networking.


Very many new followers

Would like to recommend Olle Leckne as a communication strategist and LinkedIn expert. He helped me launch my latest book, with tips on content and activating posts in the network. 


Jan Hylén

Education Analytics

Strong dynamics and creativity

I have the privilege of having Olle as a coach. He has in an exemplary way helped me create a Linkedin platform. Olle is the experts' expert on LinkedIn. 


Leadership Management International

Digitalbyrån LIexpert

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