Digital maturity test

Test your digital maturity with the Digital Score Card

Discover and assess the value of digitalization


The review consists of online questions related to sales and marketing.

The answers are evaluated and your unique digital score is calculated.

You will receive a pdf report in the form of a digital score card. Which shows your current situation in area by area vs the best companies.

Good when you want a basis for decision-making for increased competitiveness.

Potential for improvement

Digital score is a measure of how well the three different phases of business generation are implemented today vs best practices.

Digital score helps your company see the potential and how you can grow with a digital first strategy.

Suggestions for improvement within:

  Lead Generation, How leads become customers, How customers become ambassadors.

Guidance on the journey 

Digital score is a measure for the performance in the three different phases. Road Maps gives overview and direction.

Which helps you and your company structure the creation and implementation of digital sales and marketing processes. You save time and money along the way.

Digital Score Card Pro * contributes by systematically achieving a higher score leading to the right business.

When you want to do more business digitally

Digitalization of sales and marketing improves profitability


Digital scorecard

Here's how we can help you get started on your digital journey

Getting started

Perfect if you have just started or want an introduction to digitilization.


You have started and want to know how much more you need to do. 

To become a leader in digitization.

Speaking partner

Be clear about what is possible.

Get inspired to take the company to a new level.

Digital Scorecard Lite

Do a review of your digital maturity

Free the first time

Insights about current status 
Report in pdf  
Visualization of outcome vs potential
Digital Score

Insight how leads enter the business

The digital scorecard framework gives you clarity about what you do and what you do not do today in lead generation. You will also find out how well you are doing.

Insights on how leads become customers

Leads are of course good. However, many do not know how the digital leads become customers. When you know how, you get more customers and the company grows.


Get an unbiased review of your company's digital business. See how you can use digitalization for company growth.

We are your speaking partner

We listen to what is important to you and your company.

We are happy to share new opportunities.

Learning is a success factor when knowledge development is so fast that it can be difficult to keep up.

*) The advisory session, which takes place via an online meeting, is free of charge.

Choose a time in the digital calendar that suits you.

Discover who is trying to do business with you digitally

Olle Leckne

"By studying who the flow of visitors i.e. potential customers, what they are interested in and what they do, you can improve performance.

Analysis and optimization provides customer insights that lead to better business digitally " 

Olle Leckne

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