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We help you create newsletters nurturing your LinkedIn network 

Starting a newsletter on LinkedIn means you’ll engage your audience from the minute you publish

LinkedIn makes it easy to invite all your connections or followers to subscribe when you create a newsletter. 



LinkedIn is like a club. Inside, you are open to connection and help each other.

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influences decision-making.



for B2B lead generation.

Surveys: DemandWave 2017 state of B2B Digital Marketing Report nad LinkedIn Audience 360 study.

Pay as you grow

The new LinkedIn newsletter option adds value to communication with individual posts, company page posts, ads, events and groups discussions. You can choose three levels of professional services enabling supercharged marketing integrations to power your campaigns.

Set-up LinkedIn Newsletter



Euro 1009

You get a company page ready to use

Graphic design
Guidance for writing and publishing  newsletter posts
Defining the right target group

Description of your company and services
Invite subscribers

Business with copywriting

1 500 


Euro 2000

Publish newsletter posts continuously according to an editorial plan

Professional copywriting nurturing the buying process
Create a growing readership 
Engage readers and become top of mind 

Premium marketing

2 500 


Euro 3500

Content marketing that leads to business

Goal-oriented communication
The right message to the right target group
Landing pages with call to actions
Drives traffic to website
Tracking, measurement and optimization

Nurturing in the network

The LinkedIn network is powerful when used in the right way.

There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be put in place for the customer to gain confidence, becomes motivated and buy digitally.

Together, our team has the skills to handle all parts and put them together into an excellent customer experience.

We help you become visible, searchable and buyable so you get through the noise and get more leads, candidates and business.

You can trust that we think of everything and arrange all the details. The effects become clear and your business grows.

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