Account based marketing

on Linkedin means targeted marketing towards the most valuable client companies

Why ABM? 
- Focus on the right business results in more profitable accounts

Which accounts are accessed?
- The companies that are most likely buyers

How does ABM work? - Customize the content specifically for the account

A report from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association shows that 84 percent of the surveyed companies felt that account based marketing gives a higher return, i.e. ROI, than other types of marketing.

ABM on LinkedIn is even more effective

Better profitability with account based marketing

This means that account based marketing strives to process the most important and valuable accounts efficiently and successfully. 

It's a marketing strategy where you and your team focus on the companies most interested in buying your product or service. As opposed to focusing on generating as many leads as possible which then have to be followed up.

The first step in account based marketing is to identify specific companies, accounts, and then engage them with your most relevant content.

ABM is like using telescopic sight vs shotguns (if you are into hunting).

Discover more possibilities

The LinkedIn network is powerful when done the right way.

There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place for the customer to gain trust, be motivated and buy digitally.

Together, our team has the skills to handle all the pieces and put them together into an excellent customer experience.

We help you become visible, searchable and buyable so you can break through the noise and get more leads, candidates and business.

You can trust us to think of the big picture and arrange all the details. The effects become clear and your business grows.

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