451% more visitors on my LinkedIn profile

Fun, right!

How come? You might want to know…

Watch this first

Fler besökare till linkedin profilen
Caption: In your Linkedin profile you can see how many visitors it has had in the last 90 days. With premium you can see who they are.

It is not every day I get a 4 times increase in the number of curious visitors.

But it happened.

I started a newsletter on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you can create newsletters and invite your contacts and followers.

When I invited my contacts, there were many who subscribed

Nyhetsbrev Linkedin
Caption The first newsletter ”We don’t know”. which refers to few know about the possibilities in the Linkedin network.
Linkedin newsletter
Caption: The growth of the Linkedin for business newsletter to 4129 subscribers is pretty impressive

The reason for the growing number of subscribers is, that there is an already established relationship with your connections

The newsletter, or perhaps the news that it is possible to create newsletters, gave good reactions

Early reactions, after a few minutes, show that the relationship with my connections is strong and in real time.

Nyhetsbrev Linkedin reaktioner i flödet
Early reactions i.e in  5 minuts after invitation. 1002 subscribers in 2 hours.

The LinkedIn for Business newsletter recieved 1 002 new subscribers in 2 hours

In effect more visitors to the Linkedin profile. Due to the invitation to the LinkedIn for Business newsletter on LinkedIn.